4 ways to wear pyjamas a part of your fashion wardrobe

4 ways to wear pyjamas a part of your fashion wardrobe

4 ways to wear pyjamas a part of your fashion wardrobe.

Here at Irish fashion news, over the past few months with everyone staying at home more, we have gotten used to being comfortable. An unexpected consequence of this is that are pyjamas have become made for more than sleeping.

If you feel like you cannot rock them outside the house, think again. Keep reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland for our tips on how to make pyjamas a part of your everyday look.

Nightgown As A Dress

Why not consider bringing your nightgown into the daylight? Any style that is not too revealing and is cut like a dress can be transitioned into a fashionable look.

whether it is a collar dress, a silky slip design or something light and airy, try wearing it under your jacket or jumper. This will help you elevate this must-have outside the bedroom.

Pyjama Top As A Shirt

This one can take people by surprise and requires a little bit of confidence. But, when styled the right way, you can wear your polished pyjama top as your standard button-up shirt.

A notch collar means it already has a tailored feel that can be paired with a lot of different looks. A cotton and linen blend will look more casual or you can opt for silk for when you want to dress up.

Head To Toe Look

Sometimes, to truly embrace a trend, it’s best to just dive right in. Ready to take your pyjamas out of your bedroom? Just go head-to-toe. Your matching pyjama set can be a real show-stopper and make a style statement.

Just make sure you avoid anything that looks like you are going to a sleepover. Instead, you can choose silks, solids or stripes in a classic button-up style. This way, you look tailored but your outfit still has a touch of fun.

Layering Pieces

Your pyjama top is suited to much more than sleeping. When styled right, it can make for a great layering piece. It will look iconic next to your pencil skirt or pair of jeans. Not to mention, it will always add something extra to a basic outfit.

4 ways to wear pyjamas a part of your fashion wardrobe : Irish fashion news : Teenage fashion Ireland 

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