5 types of men's boots every guy should own in Ireland

5 types of men’s boots every guy should own

5 types of men’s boots every guy should own.

Here at Irish fashion news, we know just like your accessories, your footwear can make or break your outfit. And if there is one footwear style to have in your wardrobe, it is the boot. Keep reading here at Men’s fashion Ireland or our picks of the top 5 types of boots every man should own.

Chelsea Boots

Popularised by rock stars during the Swinging Sixties, Chelsea boots have become a staple in the wardrobes of modern men. For optimal versatility, go for a real leather style in black or dark brown.

As like any leather, maintenance is key to longevity. So, regular conditioning will ensure your boots age well. However, shiny leather is not your only option, a suede Chelsea boot may not be as weather-proof, but it can inject some texture into your overall look.

Desert Boots

Like your chinos, bomber jackets and nano watches, your humble Desert boot start out life in the military. A modern version is now a modern man’s wardrobe staple. While they may require treatment with a weatherproof coat, they will get your through many seasons and weather conditions. Apart from rain.

Try wearing your Desert boots with denim. An indigo or raw selvedge will look best and don’t forget to turn them up an inch.

5 types of men's boots every guy should own in Ireland

5 types of men’s boots every guy should own

Hiking Boots

No longer for naturists, hiking boots have found their way into the hearts of fashion forward men. There was a time when outerwear was considered niche. But nowadays, brands like Louis Vuitton and Bally have put their luxury touch on our beloved hiking boots.

And when your boots have a slight rough edge to them, your go-to move is to steer your look into rougher territory. In other words, hardy footwear is best worn with hardy clothes. So, be sure to style your boots with rough denim and chunky knitwear.


The brogue has been a fixture in men’s wardrobes since the dawn of time. Not literally but you get our point. Loved by farmers thanks to their decorative holes that allowed bog water to escape, this boot style is not going anywhere.

The punch hole details means your brogues look great with anything but heavy knitwear in particular. For extra style points, wear cropped trousers so show off your boots.

Work Boots

While Brogues may champion more towards Saville Row, work boots can skew more towards a building site. However, in the modern day, this is not the case. Thanks to Timberland, rugged work boots are a hot topic. They may not pair well with your suits, but are the perfect foundation for your jeans and t-shirts.

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