4 diffrent fashion styles to take from Dua Lipa

4 diffrent fashion styles to take from Dua Lipa

4 diffrent fashion styles to take from Dua Lipa.

Here at Irish fashion news, we know know her music is as contagious as her sense of fashion. We are, of course, talking about the wonderful Dua Lipa.

From starting viral TikTok trends, to releasing chart-topping hits, this pop princess is taking over the world. This woman has been serving us fashion moment after fashion moment for years. And it’s time we all took note. To bring a touch of Dua Lipa into your wardrobe, keep reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland for our basic styling tips.

Style 101

Dua Lipa’s style is iconic because it pays tribute to influential times in fashion history. Mainly the 70s and 90s but more recently, she has been showing love for 60s fashion. Here are some style tips to keep in mind when it comes to copying Dua Lipa’s style:

All About Colour: Don’t be afraid to stand out and embrace colour. Think bold shades of cobalt blue, yellow, pink, or red.

Embrace Sequins And Sparkle: Whether she is rocking it on stage or just strutting around the streets, this pop princess knows that sparkle is your best friend.

Less Is Sometimes More: When it comes to putting her outfits together, Dua Lipa doesn’t layer too much, but rather goes for standout pieces that speak for themselves.

Cute And Cheerful

If there is one thing to take from Dua Lipa’s style, is that she loves to have fun. And that is what fashion is all about. For a cosy look, why not rock a bright blue jumper with some bone-print joggers. Sweats can instantly become a classic outfit is worn with a cute cardigan or jumper. And finish your look off using a cute necklace. After all, accessories are a must for any outfit.

School’s Out

You can thank the Queen’s Gambit for people’s renewed love of 60s fashion. Take some inspo from Dua Lipa and colour coordinate your 60s style dress with your scrunchie. You can blend two fashion times together and use a velvet scrunchie for a 90s feel. To bring some balance to your outfit, you can finish your outfit with some combat boots.

Full On Leather

We are all for a full leather look. It is bold and makes anyone look like a badass. Pair of leather skirt with a deep-toned leather jacket for a sleek outfit. do not forget your classy heels and some simple accessories.

4 diffrent fashion styles to take from Dua Lipa : Irish fashion news : Teenage fashion news 

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