7 fashion tips to styling Autumn teenage fashion

7 fashion tips to styling Autumn teenage fashion

7 fashion tips to styling Autumn teenage fashion

All depending on where you like, the Autumn season can feel like an extension of summer or an introduction to a crisp winter. As a time of season transition, Autumn presents lots of fashion opportunities.

To help you on your fashion way during Autumn, here at Teenage fashion Ireland we have some helpful fashion tips for you. This advice is a quick overview how to prepare for the months ahead in style. Take note as these fashion tips will help you prepare for the chilly months ahead.

It’s worth investing in Autumn outerwear

From denim jackets, a plaid flannel shirt, a cashmere cardigan, a trench coat, or a leather jacket, a versatile piece of outerwear is the most important part of your Autumn wardrobe.

For effortless layering, opt for something lightweight enough to stuff in a tote or wrap around your waist. Your Autumn coat doesn’t have to be as warm as your winter coat. This allows you to experiment with play different fashion trends.

Pick the perfect pair of winter boots

When Autumn temperatures dip, it’s time to switch your sandals for boots and booties. This indicates the coming of winter.
Fuse suede ankle boots, heeled knee-high boots, or combat boots with a summer dress or denim skirt for that perfect Autumn ready look.

Put some effort into work dresswear

Autumn is a great time to bring suits and other workwear staples back into rotation after a summer of dressing more casually.
Gradually pair the likes of a blazer with a fitted white T-shirt and a flow like midi skirt that’s cinched with a belt.

Fuse summer piece with something that’s warm

Believe it or not, most of your summer fashion pieces can work for Autumn with a little layering. Opt for a slip dress over a black turtleneck and leggings, and wear your crop tops with high-waisted jeans and a cardigan.

Most summer dress can be layered over a short- or long-sleeve top. Your tank top can work when layered under a long cardi or oversize button-down coatigan.

Pair something summery with winter piece

Autumn fashion is the best time to embrace cosy winter basics like sweaters, shearling jackets, turtlenecks and even corduroy pants.
Another great option is to wear cool-weather tops, like oversize blazers and chunky knits, with warm-weather bottoms, like Bermuda shorts and midi skirts.

Don stylish cotton clothing

Cotton is one of the most decisive fabrics that is perfect for Autumn clothing. Although cotton fabrics like flannel, denim and corduroy can sometimes be too heavy for summer, they are great for cooler damper weather. Bear in mind that wide-leg jeans allow for more airflow while straight-leg and skinny jeans prevent wind chill (

Opt for striking colours

Autumn colours may look great on trees, but the idea that you should colour your wardrobe to fit the season is definitely a no no.
Choose shades that make you feel good and match your skintone. If your choice of bright hues was a summer favourite, maybe introduce something more neutral to your Autumn line-up.


7 fashion tips to styling Autumn teenage fashion : Teenage fashion Ireland

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