Hēdoïne unveil sustainable biodegradable tights

Hēdoïne unveil sustainable biodegradable tights

Hēdoïne unveil sustainable biodegradable tights.

In Sustainable fashion news, British hosiery brand Hēdoïne has unveiled the first ever range of ladies biodegradable tights.

According to the luxury hosiery brand they claim their new biodegradable tights are also ladder-resistant. Hēdoïne which was founded in 2018 by Alexandra Tymann and Anna Rauch expect to add 30 new denier sheer black tights as part of its first biodegradable collection which combines their signature ladder-resistant technology with a biodegradable yarn.

These stylish and sustainable tights are all manufactured in Italy and use recycled water that are produced under Oeko-Tex certified conditions which ensures they are constructed free from harmful chemicals.

The sustainable element of their tights kicks in where old tights that used tights can be disposed of via general waste to be composted via an anaerobic waste management facility.

Hēdoïne’s mission is to play in making ladies tights more and want to reduce the amount of tights that reach harmful landfill sites by focusing on longevity, recycling and biodegradability.

Their new biodegradable tights are not only made from more sustainable components, they also utilise Hēdoïne’s unique knitting technology that makes the tights last longer, which leads to less consumption.

Hēdoïne have designed their new sustainable ladies tights to be soft to the touch, ladder resistant and comfortable to wear, given its seamless and gusset-free design that avoids pinching or sagging.

In a media statement announcing their planned release of their new hosiery collection, Hēdoïne founders Alexandra and Anna commented “To significantly reduce the volume of tights that end up in landfill, we started by making ours ladder-resistant and longer-lasting, creating a durable product that lasts much longer than the average. We then wanted to minimise wastage across the entire industry which meant tackling recycling.”

“Our soon-to-launch recycling project not only allows our customers to recycle their pre-loved Hēdoïne tights, but also enables them to recycle tights or leggings from absolutely any brand. Ultimately, we want to close the loop – which is where biodegradable tights came to be key. Tights should feel good and do good – the future is biodegradable.”

Hēdoïne’s plans are that their sheer, black 30 denier tights will be the first of a wider biodegradable collection, with a long-term vision for all Hēdoïne products to be fully biodegradable.

They are also working on a recycling project where customers can send old leggings or tights from any brand for them to be recycled into useful items such as insulation or tyres.

Women who like to combine fashion with sustainability can get their hands on the new Hēdoïne biodegradable tights at their online store hedoine.com.


Hēdoïne unveil sustainable biodegradable tights : Sustainable fashion news



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