How to include stripes as part of your 2021 wardrobe

How to include stripes as part of your 2021 wardrobe

How to include stripes as part of your 2021 wardrobe

When it comes to patterns, stripes can be one of the easiest to wear. They look good on everyone and never go out of style.

Stripes should be a mainstay in anyone’s wardrobe. However, if you don’t know how to style them, they can be a little intimidating. Keep reading here at Ladies fashion Ireland to find out how to make stripes a part of your 2021 wardrobe.

Colour Stripes

Using stripes to inject some colour into your wardrobe is the easiest ways to inject some edge into your outfit. Bright blue will always look good with red and white. But if you are daring enough, you can experiment with a range of colours. Clashing colours in rainbow shades on a large stripe could be the way to go.

Stripes On Stripes

Sometimes the best way to embrace a trend is to go all in. Up your stripe ante by mixing different stripes together. Double or even triple up on your striped garments. Rocking stripes in opposite directions is a good way of keeping your outfit interesting and inject some personality into what you are wearing.

Cream stripe wide leg joggers from River Island

Cream stripe wide leg joggers from River Island

Layer Stripes

One of the best things about stripes is that they are one of the easiest patterns to layer with other pieces. Thanks to their multidimensional properties, they will add more depth to your outfit than block colour ever could. Adding a simple stripe to your outfit is enough to make it look refreshing.

Mix And Match Prints

Stripes are basically a neutral print so they will look great when paired with a contrasting one. Mixing stripes with other patterns will instantly create a bold and daring look.

But just like any print, try to choose one that will dominate your look and the other as an accent. And don’t be afraid of playing around with different textures. The most important thing to remember is, if the colours work well together, so will your prints.

Think Outside The Box

Usually clothing is the easiest way to wear your stripes. However, this season, why not shake things up a bit? Try rocking stripes in different garments, like your blazer, pants or even socks. Think beyond your basic top when it comes to stripes. And don’t forget about your stripe accessories like your earrings and bag.

How to include stripes as part of your 2021 wardrobe ; Ladies fashion Ireland

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