Estée Lauder & Amanda Gorman partner for literacy initiative

Estée Lauder & Amanda Gorman partner for literacy initiative

Estée Lauder & Amanda Gorman partner for literacy initiative

In Irish fashion news, American poet and activist Amanda Gorman has teamed up with international beauty house Estée Lauder Companies for a new venture that will see take on the role as their global changemaker.

The 23-year-old writer will curate Launder’s new literacy initiative in what is seen as a first of its kind collaboration in the beauty industry.

Such is Estée Lauder’s belief in this project, the American cosmetic and beauty house are investing a whopping two and a half million at this project over the next 3 three years.

On announcing the news, the Los Angeles born star commented “I am honoured to partner with the Estée Lauder Companies to activate change through literacy, and to represent a brand founded by such an inspiring and daring woman,”

Amanda’s role will include also see the activist take on a spokesperson role for Estée Lauder and will make her debut role for the cosmetic giant in 2022.

Although other beauty brands have used other well-known faces from the world of entertainment and fashion to help diversify their brands, Amanda will be the first recognised “Global changemaker” that is seen as a unique position to influence positive change by a beauty brand through a literacy initiative.

Jane Hertzmark Hudis who is Executive Group President for Estée Lauder Cos.,commented in a media statement by saying “Our company was founded by an extraordinary woman, Estée Lauder, who paved the way for women everywhere to believe anything is possible. Our first-of-its-kind partnership with Amanda Gorman was created under these very same trailblazing ideals,”

“Amanda embodies a new generation and demonstrates the importance and influence of voice,” added Fabrizio Freda, who is current president and CEO of the Estée Lauder Cos. Inc.

He said “As a company, we are committed to nurturing the leaders and talent of the future, empowering them to use their voices — and to use them loudly. We are thrilled to partner with Amanda as we embark on this collective journey to strengthen our commitment to girls’ education, helping provide the skills needed to be heard around the globe.”


Estée Lauder & Amanda Gorman partner for literacy initiative : Irish fashion news

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