The Body Shop and Dove unite in fight against animal testing

The Body Shop and Dove unite in fight against animal testing

The Body Shop and Dove unite in fight against animal testing.

In Irish fashion news, The Body Shop International Limited have joined forces with Unilever’s beauty brand Dove for a new European campaign that they hope will forces governments to protect the ban on animal testing in cosmetics.

Both brands have teamed up with a other leading animal protection groups from around the world in order for people to sign their petition calling for the current ban on animal testing in cosmetics to be upheld.

The group are running a number of visual campaigns across the capital cities of Europe that include to promote their campaign which includes a list of groups who are backing their campaign to keep current animal testing bans in place.

The use of testing cosmetics products on animals was banned by the EU back in 2004, where the testing of cosmetic ingredients outlawed in 2009.

Since 2013, it is illegal to sell any type of cosmetic that had been tested on animals. This is all part of a move being implemented that acts as blueprint for regulatory change in countries around the world.

However, according to both Dove and The Body Shop International, recent test requirements from the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) have effectively destroyed the bans.

Recently, UK based Cruelty Free International have sent a stark warning message that animal testing on ingredients used solely in cosmetics may become the norm across the UK since the British government’s decision to adopt two decisions made by the ECHA’s Board of Appeal on cosmetics testing.

In a media statement released by Christopher Davis who is The Body Shop International Global CSR and Activism Director, he commented “The Body Shop was the first global beauty brand to fight against animal testing in cosmetics and this commitment has been at the forefront of our activist campaigns for over three decades.”

“Our work with our campaign partners Cruelty Free International led to the original European Union ban in 2013.” Christopher continued “Today we are calling the EU – home to the world’s largest cosmetics market – to stick to the trailblazing promise they made.

“We are proud to collaborate with Dove and speak as one voice, along with all those working towards a global end to animal testing for cosmetics, in support of this European Citizen’s Initiative”.

Firdaous El Honsali who is Senior Director of Global Communications and Sustainability at Dove added: “At Dove we strongly believe that there is no role for animal testing for beauty products or their ingredients and have pioneered safe and humane alternatives to assess the safety of products and ingredients for many years.”

“This commitment drives us to take urgent action to protect the ban against animal testing in the EU.” Consumers within the European Union can voice their protest by signing European Citizens Initiative in support of The Body Shop International Limited & Dove’s important campaign.


The Body Shop and Dove unite in fight against animal testing: Irish fashion news

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