4 fashion rules to follow for perfect timeless styling

4 fashion rules to follow for perfect timeless styling

4 fashion rules to follow for perfect timeless styling.

Have you ever looked at fashionable people and wondered how they always stay looking great? While they may have money and personal stylists, they usually have a set of rules that they always follow.

Looking good doesn’t have to be difficult. People with timeless style understand that by following a certain set of rules, they will look good no matter what. Keep on reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland to find out what these rules are.

Invest In Basics

While it can be nice buying new trends, there is a reason why people should invest their money in basic pieces. People with timeless style knows that buying basic pieces means they always have access to pieces that stand the test of time.

And if you are unsure on what exactly basic pieces are, they are things like denim, versatile coats, classic white button-down shirts, structured blazers, fitted dresses and staple footwear. Pieces that look good on everyone and can be worn time and time again.

Forget About Trends

Trends are those pieces that suddenly gain a lot of popularity and then disappear. A key rule that people with style follow is not wasting their time of trends. While we always advise people to get out of their comfort zone, basic wardrobe staples will suit you better in the long run. Getting distracted by fads means you will continually have to be updating your wardrobe. And, let’s face it, nobody has the money or time to do that.

Revere Coatigan from Next Ireland

Revere Coatigan from Next Ireland

Shop For Your Shape

When it comes to looking good, many people underestimate how important it is to know your body shape. Knowing what styles and cuts work with your body will eliminate countless items in your wardrobe that have never been worn. People with timeless style know exactly what flatters their body and how to enhance their best assets.

Know The Importance Of Tailoring

Every well-dressed person knows the importance of wearing well-fitted pieces. Making an alteration on something too big can make all the difference on your overall look.

Or sometimes you will need to have sleeves shortened or hem the length of your trousers. It is the little details that will make or break your outfit. Wearing clothes that fit your properly will highlight your body in the right way and make you feel good. You can have the most beautiful pieces in your wardrobe. However, if they do not suit you or fit you well, they have no business being there.

4 fashion rules to follow for perfect timeless styling ; Teenage fashion Ireland

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