5 reasons why rose water is good for your beauty routine

5 reasons why rose water is good for your beauty routine

5 reasons why rose water is good for your beauty routine.

There is a reason why rose water has been used in beauty routines for centuries. With its hydrating, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, it is the ultimate beauty powerhouse.

Rose water is created using fresh rose petals and can completely transform your beauty routine. Don’t believe us? Keep on reading here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland to find out more.

How To Make Rose Water At Home

If you are a bit of a domestic queen, you can make your own rose water.

  • First, fill a pot with fresh rose petals and cover them with some distilled water. It’s important to only fill above the level of rose petals as too much water can dilute your rose oil.
  • Next, cover the pot and turn up the heat, bringing the pot to boil slowly. Turn off the heat, keep the pot covered and allow to come down to room temperature.
  • Finally, strain your rose petals and pour the liquid into a clean and sterilised bottle. Congratulations, you have just made some rose water. Keep reading to find out how to use it in your beauty routine.
Atlantic Aromatics Organic Rosewater With Atomiser

Atlantic Aromatics Organic Rosewater With Atomiser

Boost Your Sheet Mask

Do you want to take your sheet mask game up a notch? Or are you just looking for an extra skincare boost? Simply apply some rose water using a cotton pad to your skin and then layer your sheet mask on top. The rose water will help to amplify your mask’s hydrating properties. And the mask will bring your rose water deeper into your skin.

Use As A Toner

Some people believe that a toner is an unnecessary step to your skincare routine. But sometimes, it’s nice to treat your skin. Due to its antibacterial properties, rose water will soothe irritated skin and control excess sebum.

Refresh Your Makeup

Rosewater is not just beneficial to your skin. it can also act as a refresher for your makeup. Keep a small spray bottle in your bag to spritz your face throughout the day. A few sprays can even prep your skin for makeup in the mornings as it has refreshing, soothing and brightening skin effects.

Reduce Skin Redness

Do you suffer from redness and have tried every skincare remedy in the book? You may have seen rose water as a key ingredient in a lot of skincare products. And there is a good reason to that. Rose water is full of anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to reduce acne and irritation. So, if you have been having a particularly red day – and it happens to us all – just use some rose water on your face.

Refresh Your Hair

For bad hair days, add two tablespoons of rose water to a cup of water, then use it on your hair after shampoo and conditioner. This will not only make your hair feel conditioned, soft and shiny, it will also make it smell faintly of roses.

How using rose water can change up your beauty routine

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