Jennifer Aniston to launch her LolaVie beauty brand

Jennifer Aniston to launch her LolaVie beauty brand

Jennifer Aniston to launch her LolaVie beauty brand.

In Irish fashion news, American actress Jennifer Aniston is set to launch her own beauty brand. The 52-year-old Friends star took to her social media account on Instagram on Thursday 2nd September to tease her 38 million plus followers that something special was coming with Jen tagging the LolaVie Instagram account in the photos.

The LolaVie Instagram page also includes photos with the brand’s launch date set for of Wednesday 8th September 2021. Records at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office show that the name LolaVie was filed for trademarking back in July 2019.

This referenced beauty products such as “lotions for face and body, non-medicated soaps for face and body, non-medicated preparations for care of the skin, bath gel, deodorant and hair care preparations.”

In one of the photos posted to the LolaVie Instagram account, it showed a blurred image of a beauty product with condensation, which could possibly hinting that a shower product is included in Jenner’s new beauty collection.

The LolaVie beauty online website offers customers to sign up for updates on future news about the brand with the words “Naturally You.” Appearing alongside the logo.

Although this is Aniston’s first brand, the Californian beauty is no stranger to product endorsements with other beauty companies. Jen previously had a stake hold in hair care brand Living Proof which was owned by British multinational consumer goods company Unilever before selling her shares five years ago.

Last year in 2020, Aniston took on the role of chief creative officer of collagen-based ingestible brand Vital Proteins. Jen was vital in assisting with the development and promotion of the brand for which she fronted several of their ad campaigns.

Jennifer Aniston who is also one of the world’s leading fashion icons has the persona as the “girl next door” which makes her an attractive prospect to lots of major health and beauty brands.

There is no doubt that the minute she launches her own beauty brand that there will be huge consumer demand for her beauty products. To sign up to the latest news from Jennifer’s long waited beauty brand visit


Jennifer Aniston to launch her LolaVie beauty brand : Irish fashion news

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