The International Fur Federation launch Furmark®

The International Fur Federation launch Furmark®

The International Fur Federation launch Furmark®.

In Sustainable fashion news, The IFF (The International Fur Federation) who are responsible for monitoring and controlling the fur trade across the world have just introduced the Furmark® which it says will guarantee animal welfare and environmental standards in the natural fur supply chain.

This new move by the IFF is seen by environmental and animal right groups to be the biggest move in the fur industry to oversee and monitor the fur trade given that certified fur will be traceable, verified, and guaranteed to have met recognised standards.

Each Furmark® will be certified and its own alphanumeric label code which provides for full traceability detailing of fur type; fur origin, animal welfare programme; manufacturer; and place of manufacture.

The standards have been decided with the input of industry leaders, scientists, sustainability leads and welfare experts.

Certified fur products must be processed by accredited dressers and dyers that comply with the SafeFur Standard which covering sustainability, chemical usage, emissions, and product safety), which includes third-party testing.

Furmark® products that are certified must only be manufactured by businesses that have been approved by brand protection and anti-counterfeiting experts.

All steps of the due diligence process is recorded via a customer-accessible traceability component which ensures total transparency across all of each supply chain. The International Fur Federation believe this new move will open up fur fashion to a totally new audience.

Mark Oaten who is the chief executive officer for the The International Fur Federation commented that the Furmark® stamp now means that consumers could buy fur with confidence”.

Mark said “This is a game changer: if people had doubts about buying or wearing natural fur, then they have been answered with Furmark® Our centuries-old trade is undergoing its most significant transformation to date; traceable, sustainable products represent the real alternative to ‘fast fashion.’

Oaten continued “It guarantees animal welfare and environmental standards and demonstrates our shared ambition to deliver a transparent, easy-to-understand certification. It means, in short, that people can confidently buy sustainable natural fur. Furmark® delivers global, recognised standards, directly to the consumer,”


The International Fur Federation launch Furmark® : Sustainable fashion news

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