4 simple ways to reapply your SPF over makeup

4 simple ways to reapply your SPF over makeup

4 simple ways to reapply your SPF over makeup.

If you are going to be out enjoying the sun, it’s important to know that reapplying SPF over makeup is essential to staying protected.

But how do we do this while ensuring our makeup stays put? Keep reading here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland to find out how to reapply your SPF over your makeup for maximum protection.

Start With A Solid Base

Before you start to apply any makeup, a strong SPF base is essential to making sure your skin is protected. This should be something that is ingrained into your daily skincare routine.

The best way to start your day is to apply your sunscreen before your makeup. This way, you are depending on the sunscreen you apply on top of your makeup to protect you.

And although many people are good at applying SPF in the morning, they are not the best at remembering to reapply throughout the day.


Bio Solis Sun Spray from Holland & Barrett

Bio Solis Sun Spray from Holland & Barrett


To ensure maximum protection, try a tinted SPF. Layering too many products can make your skin feel heavy and greasy. So, a tinted SPF can be a great multitasker product. Using SPF tints can be a lighter alternative to heavy foundations.

Used Powder Sunscreen

Powder sunscreens should be your BFF. A light powder sunscreen will ensure your skin stays protected throughout the day. Applying powder sunscreen is easy to do.

Think of it like applying powder throughout the day to keep oil at bay. Just, lightly dust it over your face and buff it in using circular motions. Not only are powder sunscreens great at keeping oil at bay, but they are light and compact, meaning they are easy to transport.

Be Generous With SPF Setting Spray

When you need a refresh, use a SPF setting spray you can mist over your face during peak sun times. If you are sitting directly in the sun, you should be reapplying your SPF spray every 30 minutes. If you find a nice and cool shady area, every 2-3 hours is fine. Having a spray on hand will make reapplying your SPF easier, especially on busy days when you have things planned.

Blot Your Sunscreen On Repeat

If you do not want to invest in mists or powders, blotting your regular SPF on throughout the day is also a suitable option. Just add your liquid or cream to a sponge and lightly blot it on your face until it is absorbed.

And while the sun can be a great place to be, it is also important to be sun smart. Wear your wide brimmed hats, keep sunglasses with UV protection handy, soak up as much shade as possible and keep out of the sun at peak times.


4 simple ways to reapply your SPF over makeup : Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland

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