The world’s largest online fashion retailer revealed

The world’s largest online fashion retailer revealed

The world’s largest online fashion retailer revealed.

In Irish fashion news, Chinese fashion house Shein have become the world’s largest on-line only fashion retailer.

The fast fashion house who are looking to expand their dominance across European and America have been announced as the latest on-line fashion house in the world as measured by sales of goods under the company’s own brand, according to Euromonitor International’s proprietary research.

Other fashion labels like H&M and Zara are hot on the heels across the globe but both offer instore shopping also. In the UK and Ireland, Boohoo, Missguided, PrettyLittleThing as well as ASOS are the main online fashion online retailers behind Shein.

However, there will be alarm bells ringing for all these companies as Shein have plans to more specifically target counties in Europe (including Ireland) where there is a huge demand for on-line fashion sales.

The company is already implementing plans to seek out top ranking fashion domain names and fashion websites across Europe which they know will grant them access to greater audience levels, country by country.

According to analytics firms App Annie and Sensor Tower in the states, in the first six months of this year, the Shein’s app seen more than 81 million downloads around the world.

In May of this year, Shein had overtaken Amazon as the most installed shopping app in the United States across the App Store and Google Play combined.

Craig Chapple from Sensor Tower commented that although Amazon has been reinstalled as the number one, “daily installs between the two apps since then have largely remained close. Chapple said “In recent months, Shein has really exploded onto the scene” and that everybody wants to know everything that they possibly can about Shein.”

Shein which was founded in China back in 2008, are now the world’s leading market sellers of Ladieswear, menswear, kids clothing as well as sellers of makeup and accessories

The company is one of China’s most valuable privately owned companies which has an estimated value of €12 billion according to US data research and technology company PitchBook.

Fashion houses from around the world will now be waiting with anticipation to see Shein’s next marketing drive on how to connect with customers at local country level


The world’s largest online fashion retailer revealed: Irish fashion news

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