Iggy Azalea Totally Plastic makeup collection

Iggy Azalea to release new makeup line

Iggy Azalea to release new makeup line.

In Irish fashion news, Australian singer, Iggy Azalea has designed her own makeup line which is based on revival looks of 2000. According to the 31-year fashion model her new capsule collection is created so she can relive her teenage nostalgia.

The Aussie star who started her fashion modelling career at age 16 years has added high-shine lip gloss and millennial eyeshadow tones to her new makeup capsule.

The Iggy Azalea “Totally Plastic” collection includes three nine-colour eyeshadow palettes made up of frosty blues, purples and pinks (with silvers, yellows and neutrals) in matte and shimmery finishes.

Her face palette comes in three colour-ways with her glosses in options that include bubblegum pink and peach with gold flecks.

Also included in her new makeup range are her false eyelashes. There Sydney born musician has also included a host of accessories into her new capsule that in an eight-piece face and eye brush, a beauty sponge in a hot pink case, a glittery lavender travel case along with a heart-shaped hand mirror with devil horns.

Iggy’s “Totally Plastic,” new cosmetics line created in partnership with Los Angeles based BH Cosmetics. Azalea recently released her own fragrance, “Devil’s Advocate” which is part of her Parfum De Azalea brand collaboration with American cosmetics company Merveilleux Beauty.

Talking about the inspiration about her Totally Plastic collection the Aussie rapper commented “What I really wanted to do with this capsule collection was relive my teenage nostalgia. If I was gonna put on a baby pink eyeshadow in the early 2000s, I would have sat there all day long, and it never would have been as bright as what it is now. “We’ve come so far with that.”

Iggy Azalea’s Totally Plastic collection will drop on Sunday 29th August and be available at BHCosmetics.com and ulta.com.


Iggy Azalea to release new makeup line: Irish fashion news

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