3 perfect ways to style ladies printed trousers

3 perfect ways to style ladies printed trousers

3 perfect ways to style ladies printed trousers.


Printed trousers are a great way to make a fashion statement. But they are often forgotten about. While getting ready, we think about what tops pair well with jeans or skirts. We rarely think about doing it the other way around.

Your simple top can be elevated by your printed trousers. Not to mention, they look great on an hourglass figure. Here at Ladies fashion Ireland, see our quick ways to style printed trousers.

Things To Bear In Mind
  • High-waisted jeans or trousers are your best friend.
  • Try to go for bootcut, wide or straight leg cuts.
  • Slim cuts can also work well for your body shape.
  • Do not be afraid of bold print.
Wide Or Bootcut Trousers

A wide or bootcut trousers in a bold print can work wonders for hourglass figures. It can elongate your body, highlight your waist and create a nice balance with your silhouette. If wide legs are not your thing, you can go for a high-waisted straight leg trousers. To complete your outfit, go for a basic top, a complementary blouse with some heels to further elongate your legs.

Crop Top

Printed trousers and crop tops are a match made in fashion heaven. Wearing your crop top with some printed trousers will help to show off you curves and defined waist. They will also help to balance out your outfit due to the loud print and small top. If you are unsure of what neckline to wear, don’t forget that V-necks and scooped necklines look great on hourglass figures.


Matching sets are one of the biggest trends to come out of the fashion industry. A lot of the time, matching sets are buttoned-up, so you can keep them open and wear them with a plain top or lacy camisole. You can also use a belt or belt bag to define your waist.

High-Waisted With Top Pockets

Top pockets with high waisted trousers are great at flattering your hourglass figure. The high waist will define your waist and the pockets will help to add more definition. The fit is chic, versatile and pairs well with blouses are shirts.


3 perfect ways to style ladies printed trousers: Ladies fashion Ireland 


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