3 steps to styling babydoll shoes this fashion season

3 steps to styling babydoll shoes this fashion season

3 steps to styling babydoll shoes this fashion season.

If you are a lover of vintage fashion and style, you will undoubtedly have heard of Babydoll shoes.

They are cute, simple and perhaps the most comfortable shoe you will ever own. But how do you style them with your summer wardrobe? Keep reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland to find out with our tips.

What Are Babydoll Shoes?

If you are not familiar with the name, Babydoll shoes are flat and simple ballerina shoes that have a strap across the foot. You may also know them as ‘Mary Janes’.

Originally, they were popular with schoolgirls. However, thanks to shoes like Bridgerton, everyone seems to be wearing them. And with many different variations of this comfortable shoe, there is one to suit everyone’s style.

How To Style Your Babydoll Shoes
Bootcut Or Straight Leg Jeans

Some Mary Janes shoes have thick soles, so they pair well with your straight leg or bootcut jeans. Tight fitting jeans paired with thick shoes can make your feet look larger and out of proportion.

If you are looking to make your legs appear longer, try wearing your black babydoll shoes with black jeans. This will create one continuous line and elongate your legs. To add some colour to your look, you can always wear a graphic tee.

Flares Or Wide Leg Trousers

As we’ve mentioned, Mary Janes come in a variety of styles, like platform or heels. These can look great with wide leg trousers or flared jeans. However, if you’ve worn these trouser styles in the past, you know to stay away from thin heels.

This is because they tend to snag on the ends of your trousers and could potentially trip you up. so, it’s best to stick to thick-heeled Babydoll shoes when wearing jeans that are wide at the ankle.

Dresses And Skirts

Now that many fashion-forward people are wearing Mary Janes than schoolgirls, they come in every type of heel. And this variety make them a great choice to pair with your dresses and skirts this summer. Not to mention, they could make you look taller and slimmer. And they look fun and flirty with a flowy skirt. Block heels pair well with almost everything in your wardrobe, especially when they come in black.

3 steps to styling babydoll shoes this fashion season: Teenage fashion Ireland

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