Transgender Jessica Alves wants womb transplant

Transgender Jessica Alves wants womb transplant

Transgender Jessica Alves wants womb transplant.

In Entertainment news, Brazilian-British television personality Jessica Alves is set to undergo dangerous surgery in order to have a child.

The 38-year-old transgender star claims some women in Brazil have already undergone the surgery and now she is consulting with doctors prior to have the procedure.

Chatting to MailOnline in the UK, the TV personality told them that the who procedure will cost in the region of nearly €55,000 which has been developed to allow her to have a baby even though they were not carried inside the womb.

According to MailOnline’s own research they believe it is not possible for any transgender woman to become pregnant the natural way even after surgery.

They have found that this risky procedure does not connect a woman’s uteruses to her fallopian tubes which makes it impossible for them to become pregnant the natural way.

Women who undergo this procedure will have to source IVF treatment if they wish to have a baby. Chatting to the MailOnline, Alves told them She said: ‘I was having a lot of exams in Turkey to see if I could have the surgery, I could have had it in Turkey, but I changed my mind, I thought I might as well just come to Brazil where my family are.

‘Maybe I’m the first person in the world to do it, but I believe there are some who have had the surgery done but they just don’t talk about it.

Jessica Alves continued ‘To be honest I don’t know the success rate because there aren’t many reports about it, people who have done it have done it very quietly, in other words maybe I’m the first one in the world doing it. ‘

According to the MailOnline, There has only ever been one documented case of a transgender woman having a uterus transplant – but she died from complications just months later.


Transgender Jessica Alves wants womb transplant. Entertainment news 

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