Simple ways to maximise the spaghetti strap top fashion look

Simple ways to maximise the spaghetti strap top fashion look

Simple ways to maximise the spaghetti strap top fashion look.

The 90s are well and truly back as spaghetti tops are one of the biggest trends this summer. If you are not familiar with how to wear them, keep on reading here at Ladies fashion Ireland for our best tips.

Silk Top And Skinny Jeans

Silk tops are adorable and it is not hard to see why there are a model’s favourite. Thanks to their soft lines, they are the perfect choice for dinner out with friends or just a night dancing.

The spaghetti straps will help to enhance your shoulders as well as your neck, giving you a refined look. For an elegant look, pair your silk top of choice with some skinny jeans and simple black heels. Finish your outfit off with some gold accessories and black handbag to tie things together.

Silk Top Over White Tee

Sometimes, it can be a bit too cold to wear a spaghetti strap top on its own. So, why not pair it with a classic wardrobe staple: a white tee. Channel the 90s by wearing your silk top over your white t-shirt. The best thing about this look is that it is completely acceptable for an understated daytime look. Yet, it will still give off a glamorous vibe. To add some edge to your outfit, finish your look with a messy bun and some sunglasses.

Crop Top And Boyfriend Jeans

If you love vintage fashion, or just raid your mother’s wardrobe, you will probably find a 90s cotton spaghetti strap top. And there is a good reason why you should use them. With or without print, they are the perfect top to pair with your boyfriend jeans. They will highlight your waist and look super trendy.

Lacy Top With Blazer

You may have bought a lace spaghetti top once and never worn it. But we can see why. Lace can be tricky to style and get right. Especially for daytime looks as it can be ‘too much’. But, luckily for you, there is a perfect solution. Go get a boyfriend blazer and pop it over your lace top. You will appear confident, trendy and chic.

Simple ways to maximise the spaghetti strap top fashion look: Ladies fashion Ireland

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