Natalie Portman fronts Miss Dior Cherie Fragrance campaign

Natalie Portman fronts Miss Dior Cherie Fragrance campaign

Natalie Portman fronts Miss Dior Cherie Fragrance campaign.

In Irish fashion news, actress Natalie Portman has just fronted a brand-new scent by Dior called Miss Dior. Portman who has been the face for the French perfume house for the past 10 years has just fronted new campaign for them titled “Miss Dior Chérie.”

The 40-year-old American actress is currently on location in Australia at present with her family where she is filming Taika Waititi’s anticipated “Thor: Love and Thunder,” which is set for release sometime in 2022.

This follows Natalie pulling out of HBO Films’ “Days of Abandonment” which the actress claims were for personal reasons, according to the production company.

Natalie who is a big fan of the Dior perfume house told online fashion and beauty magazine WWD, “Everyone’s just really lovely at Dior. You can really feel the attention and respect to detail and this artistry of all the thousands of people who work on the fragrance and the clothes,” “It’s all so, so much hand work. People making beautiful things with their hands.”

Dior’s in-house perfumer François Demachy is the person responsible for putting together the new fragrance by the French perfume house.

According to François the new fragrance is “slightly more spicy,” commenting that he started off with the centifolia, an incredibly fragrant rose with thin and delicate petals.

Demachy said” “Depending on the time of day, it can have that spicy touch…and I added more fruity notes, essentially peach and apricot, to get that indulgent note.”

Describing the fragrance herself, Portman said “It’s still so much about roses, but then it’s also got so much earthiness to it. I think you feel it in the film, too. You’ve got this feeling of the forest with these top notes of the flowers. And I think it’s also so much about this character, too. You’ve got this love and sensuality and wildness, but also something quite grounded and engaged with nature, and real, something very true.”

The new Miss Dior Eau de Parfum goes on release Monday 23rd August and will be available purchase at


Natalie Portman fronts Miss Dior Cherie Fragrance campaign

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