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Fashion accessorising rules worth breaking

Fashion accessorising rules worth breaking.

The best thing about rules is that they are meant to be broken. Obviously, there are certain fashion rules that makes getting dressed easier.

However, there are ones that just don’t make any sense. And are, frankly, outdated and deserve to be forgotten. Keep reading here at Ladies fashion Ireland for our picks of the accessorising rules you should absolutely break.

Do Not Mix Silver And Gold Jewellery

You have probably been told that your silver and gold jewellery absolutely should not be worn together. But here’s why you should completely ignore that advice.

If you have a silver tone watch, try stacking a couple of gold bracelets next to it. it can be a great way of brightening up a basic look. this can also work with your rings. It can look boring if everything matches too well. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with your dainty jewellery pieces so you get the look you want.

Less Is More

There are cases when less is more. if you are wearing an elaborate dress, you don’t need to go overboard with your accessories as this can be distracting. However, sometimes, more is more.

You just need to pick the right accessories. Touching on the previous point, a couple a bracelets stacked on top on each other can liven up a basic look. Wearing a statement necklace with earrings and cocktail rings is not an easy look to pull off but sometimes it just takes some confidence.

Always Match Your Handbag To Your Shoes

There are certain times when your accessories should match each other. For example, if you are wearing a suit, your belt should match your shoes. But a coordinated look can look a little…outdated. Add some interest to your outfit by mixing and playing around with your accessories. And don’t just stop at your accessories. Adding some textures and patterns can also help you create a super fashionable look.

Trainers Are For The Gym

There was a time when people only wore their trainers to the gym and that was it. Nowadays, they are more of a trend, with everyone wearing them everywhere. And with everything, from dresses to jeans. You can make them work with any basic outfit, or be rebellious and rock them with a dressed-up look.

Fashion accessorising rules worth breaking: Ladies fashion news

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