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Ways to adjust your foundation routine season by season

Ways to adjust your foundation routine season by season.

We already know that finding the right foundation is a journey. And when you do find one that works for your skin, you want to hold onto it for dear life.

But the bad news is that it’s hard to make sure your foundation works for your skin all year round. Between warm summer months and cold winter ones, your true skin tone can change. And that means so should your foundation routine.

The good news is that you do not need to chuck away your current favourite foundation. You just need to know a few tricks to make it work better. Keep reading here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland to find out how to adjust your foundation routine from season to season.

Lighten By Diluting With Moisturiser

A tried and true way of thinning your foundation is by mixing it with moisturiser. Not only does it sheer out the formula, it allows your natural skin to shine through and adds a dewy finish.

This is perfect for those days when your skin is looking dry and dull. As well as that, mixing in your moisturiser will help combine important skincare ingredients into your makeup routine. This could be SPF during warm summer days – although you should be wearing your SPF every day regardless of weather – or adding moisture on cold winter day.

Darken With Bronzer

This tip works better during the summer months as it complements your sun kissed skin. Start by strategically placing your bronzer where you would naturally get a tan. It looks more natural placing it properly around your face as opposed to all over.

Sometimes, you can skip the foundation altogether and just go straight in with some bronzer. If you are worried about applying too much, remember to start small and build up.

Apply Your Foundation Differently

The only downside to the first point is that you risk using too much product on your face, which is something you wish to avoid. The more products on your face means you are more at risk of them melting off throughout the day.

Especially when heat and humidity are involved. Instead, you can try diluting your foundation using a duo fibre brush or a damp sponge.

Mix Things Up

The thought of jumping up a shade sounds good in theory, but it can be complicated. When choosing a new makeup foundation for summer or winter, remember that brands have different shade variations.

So, you can’t always choose the next shade up. It’s best to take the time to know the brands and shades they offer. You can choose a lighter or darker foundation and mix with a shade you already have. This way, you know the tone is starting out somewhat the same.

Ways to adjust your foundation routine season by season : Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland

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