Greta Thunberg graces cover of Vogue Scandinavia

Greta Thunberg graces cover of Vogue Scandinavia

Greta Thunberg graces cover of Vogue Scandinavia.

In Sustainable fashion news, Greta Thunberg has become the first person to don the cover of Vogue Scandinavia. The 18-year-old Swedish environmentalist known for promoting a better environment appears of the debut cover of Vogue Scandinavia

On the cover, Thumberg is pictured sitting under a bright green canopy wearing a large pink trench coat as she against the truck stroking the nose of an Icelandic horse.

Inside the magazine, Vogue Scandinavia features a multi-page interview with Greta who talks about her vision and experiences of climate activism.

The launch of Vogue Scandinavia also coincides with a United Nations report that underlines the seriousness and urgency of the climate crisis in the world today.
As well as covering fashion, Vogue Scandinavia which services counties like Iceland, Norway, Finland, Denmark and her native Sweden also draws attention to nature and the climate.

The publisher is also hoping to become the most sustainable publication in the world. As part of the eco strategy, Vogue Scandinavia only uses plastic-free packaging. The owners have also stated that they will pay for two trees to be planted for every tree that has to be cut down for the printing of an issue.

Also, as part of their commitment to climate change, Vogue issues are no longer sold in shops, but are available via the Vogue website which is done to prevent printed copies from being left over.

Mariann Jacobsson who is the head of sustainability at Vogue Scandinavia commented that “Our goal is to give back more than we consume.”

Vogue Scandinavia are also working towards operating a completely carbon-negative production chain which they hope will inspire others to take steps for the climate as well.

According to the magazine owners, Greta’s presence on the cover of their magazine symbolises everything Vogue Scandinavia stands for,’

The magazine joins Gretta Thunberg in ‘calling for more responsibility in all industries – including fashion. Fashion brands should be aware of the impact they have on the environment and should do everything possible to minimise the negative consequences of their actions.’


Greta Thunberg graces cover of Vogue Scandinavia: Sustainable fashion news

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