A lazy girl fashion guide for looking chic this summer Ireland

A lazy girl fashion guide for looking chic this summer

A lazy girl fashion guide for looking chic this summer.

If you value your sleep in the mornings, it can be hard to drag yourself out of bed and take time choosing a killer outfit.

But there are some style tricks to have up your sleeve to make it easier. Keep reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland to find out how to look chic this summer the lazy way.

Try A Dress

There is a reason why we all love dresses. They are super versatile, always comfortable and are great for when the hot weather kicks in.

As well as all that, they are also a one-and-done outfit for when you need to just run out the door. If you do not have a dress collection to reach for on lazy days, keep some versatile ones handy.

This could be a lightweight midi dress or a T-shirt one that can double as a swimsuit cover up. You don’t need to have a load in the wardrobe, just ones that you know will work everytime.

Plan Out The Night Before

If you tend to oversleep in the mornings, we can definitely relate. It can be a battle to peel off the covers every morning and this can lead to a lot of snooze button hits.

If you find yourself short on time in the mornings, try planning out your outfits the night before. Knowing what you will wear will stop you from rushing around. Even if you swap out your shoes or accessories in the morning, you will still save yourself some valuable time.

Create Go-To Outfits

Some people hate wearing the same thing time and time again. But, if you know what works for you, it can be helpful having some go-to outfits for emergencies. This could be a pair of jeans and your favourite tee, or midi dress and sandals.

Use Accessories

A white t-shirt and jeans is always a classic look. But the thing that takes it to the next level is your accessories. And they do not have to be anything too extravagant. Some sunglasses, a gold necklace or some simple hoops are enough to turn any basic outfit into a statement piece.

A lazy girl fashion guide for looking chic this summer : Teenage fashion Ireland

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