Ways to fashion up Ladies platform sandals this summer

Ways to fashion up Ladies platform sandals this summer

Ways to fashion up Ladies platform sandals this summer.

Summer is well and truly upon us. Which means its sandal season. One of the more fashionable sandals out there is the platform.

But you do not have to choose between comfort and style when it comes to this iconic design. Keep reading here at Ladies fashion Ireland to find out how to wear platform sandals during the summer. Perfect for these hot summer days.


A classic warm-weather pick, a sundress is flirty and laid-back. Lightweight and flowy, sundresses tend to be more casual than other dresses.

You can wear them to the beach, the barbeque, out shopping or just walking around town. Apart from your platform sandals, you don’t need to add much else to your outfit. Just grab a wide-brimmed hat, some sunglasses, a denim jacket for when it gets chilly and you are good to go.

Maxi Dress

As well as your sundress, your platform sandals also go well with a maxi option. Totally chic and always flattering, you can rock your maxi dress at any time of the year. As these dresses tend to be long and flowy, you can wear them to a wedding, the beach, out shopping or anywhere else you fancy.

Much like your sundresses, you don’t have to spend a lot of time choosing your accessories. Your platform sandals will be the eye-catching feature of your look, but you can always jazz things up with some statement earrings or other jewellery.


If you want to rock any sandals with your shorts in hot weather, platform is the way to go. Whether you prefer linen shorts, denim, chinos or high-waisted pleats, chunky platform shoes will elevate your outfit and take it to the next level.

If you want to wear white shorts, we recommend going with a black top – either tucked in or cropped – and black platform sandals. You can wear printed shorts if you wish, but just remember to keep your sandals in a neutral colour. A pendant necklace and belt will complete your ensemble.


Jumpers and rompers have quickly become wardrobe staples for many people. In most cases, jumpsuits and rompers are made using one material.

Out of the two, rompers are on the more casual side, but both can be worn for a variety of occasions. Much like with shorts and dresses, if they are in vibrant colours, keep your sandals neutral.

Ways to fashion up Ladies sandals this summer: Ladies fashion Ireland

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