Stylish ways to layer and stack ladies necklaces in Ireland

Stylish ways to layer and stack your necklaces

Stylish ways to layer and stack your necklaces.

Just take a look around Instagram and Pinterest and you will see that stacking necklaces has become very popular. The trouble is making your jewellery look coordinated and not messy. Keep reading here at Ladies fashion Ireland for our simple tips on how to layer and stack your necklaces.

How To Layer Necklaces

If you have a couple of short necklaces, layer them gradually and choose longer ones. Start from short and work your way towards long. If you are looking to elongate your neck, have the shortest necklace you have sit under the neckline.

For those of you who want to make a statement, mix and match dainty and chunky designs. But for those of you who love the simpler things in life, just keep rocking your dainty necklaces and forget about the chunky ones.

For a timeless look, you cannot go wrong with a coin necklace. Although you can mix gold and silver together, it is a lot easier to just stick to one colour.

How To Layer Under Shirts

If you are planning on wearing your shirt with necklaces, just keep it simple. A bold pattern or design will clash with your chains and will never look good. Leave the top of your shirt open so that you can clearly see your jewellery.

But if you do want to close your shirt, keep to shorter necklaces. And it’s best to keep the necklaces inside the shirt and not on the outside.

How To Layer Over A T-Shirt Or Top

This is probably the easiest way to rock your necklaces as you simply arrange them over your top any way you like. It’s an easy way to add some glam to your basic tee.

Layering Colourful Beaded Necklaces

Colourful beaded necklaces are one of the biggest trends this year, especially around summer. They work with the majority of your wardrobe basics and are great if you are looking for a lively and joyful look.

If you are worried about them being too colourful, just wear them with a monochrome outfit. you can also mix them with gold jewellery for a pop of colour.

Stylish ways to layer and stack your necklaces

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