Olivia X Abbott Lyon collection

Olivia Attwood unveils Abbott Lyon jewellery collection

Olivia Attwood unveils Abbott Lyon jewellery collection.

In Irish entertainment news, Olivia Attwood has teamed up with jewellery and accessories brand Abbott Lyon to launch her own jewellery collection.

The 30-year-old star of ITV’s hit TV show Love Island has debuted her first range of affordable jewellery pieces Abbott Lyon. The reality TV star from Surrey has travelled the world as a model and motorsport grid girl before finding reality fame on Love Island.

Before finding stardom as part of Love Island, Olivia competed in beauty pageants, including a Tropic Beauty contest where she represented London.

Olivia’s new collection includes lots of gorgeous designs that are going down well with legion of followers. The Olivia X Abbott Lyon is a collection of designer-inspired affordable pieces of jewellery that are designed in the UK

Olivia’s new collection with Abbott Lyon includes a 30 piece that are designed for both day and evening wear These include beautiful personalise details such as zodiac signs, initials, nameplates, and birthstones.

The Olivia X Abbott Lyon includes 10 bestselling styles and 20 exclusive items, from necklaces, earrings, bangles and pendants which are perfect for an on-trend layered look, or for minimal styling.

Talking about her new collaboration for the British jewellery brand, Attwood commented ‘I’ve worked with Abbott Lyon for the last few years, and I just love everything the brand does and what they stand for. When they approached me to do my own edit, I was absolutely thrilled – it’s a dream come true”

Olivia continued “I’m known for my love of designer jewellery, but it is such an expensive habit. I think Abbott Lyon is a great alternative and I adore that you can personalise the pieces – it makes their products so much more meaningful and special. “I’m so excited to share this collection and hope everyone loves it as much as I do!”

You can check out the full Olivia X Abbott Lyon collection over at their e-commerce website abbottlyon.com.


Olivia Attwood unveils Abbott Lyon jewellery collection

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