Does Shein use forced child labour in supply chain?

Does Shein use forced child labour in supply chain?

Does Shein use forced child labour in supply chain?.

In sustainable fashion news, online fast fashion house Shein are accused of not making required public disclosure information about the working conditions of their supply chain.

The Chinese fashion label which is one of the fastest online fashion stores in the world have been accused of falsely stating the working conditions on its website of company who supply them with good from factories in China.

According to the world’s largest multimedia news provider, Reuters, companies who sell good in the UK over a certain size are bound by law to state on their website the steps they are implementing to tackle forced labour as part of Britain’s Modern Slavery Act 2015.

According to Reuters Shein’s “social responsibility” page states that it “never, ever” engages in child or forced labour, but does not provide the full supply chain disclosures required by British law.

Under UK lawn, a mandates exists requiring companies that sell more than £36 million of goods globally per year must provide a statement on a searchable link available on a prominent place on its home page, dated to a financial year and signed by a director, outlining the steps it is taking to prevent modern slavery in its supply chain.

Reuters claim that Shein declined to provide its annual revenue stating it does not disclose its revenue publicly. Some analysts have estimated the valuation Shein to be in around the $15 billion US dollar mark, with annual revenue of at least $5 billion US dollars.

However, Shein have responded to queries about their supply chain activities by stating they are in the process of finalising statements required by UK law, and plans to publish them on its website.

A spokesperson for Shein said “We are developing comprehensive policies, which we will post on our website in the next couple of weeks,”

According to Reuters, they were unable to independently assess the working conditions in any factories used by Shein or the wages it pays. Shein failed to respond to a request for comment on what their standards for suppliers are.


Does Shein use forced child labour in supply chain?

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