Lingerie trends that will dominate your wardrobe in 2021

Lingerie trends that will dominate your wardrobe in 2021

Lingerie trends that will dominate your wardrobe in 2021.

Given our desire for comfort during this pandemic, it may surprise you to know that lingerie has been on the rise. When we hear the word ‘lingerie’, we often think of intricate lacy garments that can be uncomfortable to wear.

But that is not the case. Many brands have now adopted minimalism and comfort into their newest designs. Keep reading here at Ladies fashion Ireland for our picks of the top 5 lingerie trends that will dominate your 2021 wardrobe.

Mid Rise Briefs

Comfort seems to be the keyword in most areas of fashion since the pandemic hit. Many of us have gotten used to staying out home with our joggers and sweatshirts. Building on this new lifestyle, many brands have brought back the granny briefs, mid-rise underwear. These have become increasingly popular in the lingerie space and you will see them in different styles, fabrics and colours.

Wireless Bras

Extra support and wires have become less of a priority to people in the last year. Just like your granny briefs in the precious point, people’s desire for comfort has translated over to bras. This means minimalistic styles have taken over rather than wired options.

Silk Slips

We love that the 90s and early 00s fashion has made a comeback. As many people are channelling their Y2K style icons, silk slips have become a major part of people’s wardrobes. And it’s not hard to see why. Slips are easy to style and to wear. Not to mention, silk has been known to be beneficial to our skin, making this garment one to have in your wardrobe.


While many brands are currently embracing minimalism and showcasing this in their recent designs, many are still rolling out sultry, lacy underwear. Designed to make us feel confident and good, these intimates are a great way to spice things up once in a while.


If there is one lingerie piece that has had a major comeback in 2021, it is the ladies bodysuit. Loved for its versatility, it can be worn for lounging around the house as well as rocking up to a lunch date. It all depends on how you style it. You can throw on a blazer or your favourite joggers for a super stylish look.

5 lingerie trends that will dominate your 2021 wardrobe

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