Eyeshadow looks to make your blue eyes pop

Eyeshadow looks to make your blue eyes pop

Best eyeshadow looks to make your blue eyes pop.

Can you hear us, all you blue-eyed makeup lovers? This may not be the first time you have seen advice on how to make your eye colour stand out.

There are too many products to use, too many techniques to follow. Between the prefect blending techniques to finding time to actually practice, the last thing you should be thinking about should be what colours to use and how.

Here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland, we have gathered a list of the best eyeshadow colours that will always make your blue eyes shine.

Deep Smokey Browns

Warm browns and espresso shades are a match made in heaven for your blue eyes. You can use a contrasting blend of warm tones to enhance your eye colour, but a single brown shade will work just as well.

Gild In Gold

A simple gold eyeshadow will have your blue eyes looking phenomenal and the beauty of this look is that it only takes one shadow. Instead of powder, grab a cream shadow in a soft gold champagne colour and apply it to your lids. Build up the intensity of the eyeshadow as you go until you get your desired look. This is a sure-fire way of having your blue eyes be the star of the show.

Modern Mauve

You just need one colour for this makeup look: mauve. Start by blending a light mauve shadow onto your eyelid and follow with a deeper shade to line your eyes. When you are using eyeshadow as your eyeliner, you just need an angled brush to help apply it to your lash line. Depending on the intensity you are going for, you can apply your shadow dry or wet.

Go Green

Sometimes a subtle touch is all you need to make blue eyes pop. Apply a neutral shadow onto your lids and finish by using some green to create winged liner. If you need some extra help, you can always trace the wing with some eyeliner first before applying your shadow.


Using silver all over your eyelids is one of the fastest ways of enhancing your blue eyes. And it is incredibly easy to do it yourself. Simply, find yourself a silver shadow you like and apply it onto your lids until you are satisfied with how it looks.

Bronze And Blue

Bronze tones will help to make your blue eyes look brighter and adding a touch of blue to your inner corner is even better. First, apply a generous amount of bronze eyeshadow to your lids and then follow with some light blue shadow in the corner of your eye for a final touch.

Eyeshadow looks to make your blue eyes pop

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