Rihanna to release her Fenty Parfum this August

Rihanna to release her Fenty Parfum this August

Rihanna to release her Fenty Parfum this August.

In Irish fashion news, Barbadian singer and fashion model Rihanna has dropped her latest scent creation called Fenty Parfum.

In what has been a busy week for celebrity scent releases with Dolly Parton, Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus all releasing new fragrances, now it’s Rihanna’s turn to unveil her latest line-up to her Fenty range.

This all comes in the wake of the 33-year-old musician spending weeks teasing her social media followers about the release of her new unisex Fenty Parfum is coming.

Taking to social media, Fenty told their 10.8 million described her new scent as “An intimate unisex fragrance that is everything you feel, everything you are, and everything you want to be,”

The multi-million music single selling star’s Fenty range is also incentivising fans to get busy on the Fenty website and offering her followers the opportunity to “try before you buy” before the release date of her Fenty Parfum in August.

Even though her new fragrance doesn’t drop until Tuesday 10th August at the Fenty Beauty website, Fenty have told Rihanna fans that if they cannot wait until then, or if they are just not sure about buying before you smell it, they can get a free sample with every $40+ order bought online between now and the 8th August 2021 using the code “FENTY” at checkout.

Fenty is a luxury fashion brand set up by Rihanna and French fashion group LVMH back in 2019. As well as Fenty Beauty, Rihanna also owns her own SavagexFenty lingerie line.

It what has been a tough year for Rihanna’s Fenty and SavageXFenty lines, it looks like good times are ahead with LVHM looking to kickstart new fashion and beauty collections under Rihanna’s fashion and beauty umbrella.

Rihanna X Fenty Parfum goes on sale this coming 10th August and will be available at Fenty’s on-line ecommerce store.

Rihanna to release her Fenty Parfum this August


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