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Shoppers in Northern Ireland to get paid to shop

Shoppers in Northern Ireland to get paid to shop

In Irish fashion news, shoppers in the North of the county are being incentivised to get out and start shopping this September. The government in the UK are encouraging shoppers to virtually shop in-store and are prepared to pay them to do so.

With the UK nearly out of full lockdown, the government are trying to get shoppers back onto the high streets by incentivising to do so by offering them shopping vouchers that can only be spent in-store.

The latest initiative sees adults in Northern Ireland being given shopping vouchers as part of a £145 million investment to attract people back to high streets.

This is a follow on from a similar idea that the British government rolled out in the UK last year in a programme titled ‘eat out to help out.” This provided people in the UK with a £10 off a meal in a restaurant, pub or café.

Talking about this new initiative Northern Ireland’s economy minister, Gordon Lyons commented “everyone aged 18+ will be able to get a pre-paid card to spend in local fashion stores or shops and restaurants.”

This will see just under 1.4 million residents in Northern Ireland being given £100 each to spend in physical locations rather than online. Which according to Gordon Lyons is something that local businesses need and deserve.

In response to the news, Northern Ireland trade body Retail NI called the scheme a “win-win for members and our high streets”.

There have been calls for a similar stimulus package to be put in place across Southern Ireland with the fashion industry sector being especially badly affected over the past 18 months due to the pandemic.

This new scheme will commence this September and copies similar stimulus payments that have also been rolled out across America, and Jersey.

Shoppers in Northern Ireland to get paid to shop

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