Tips to help you break in those new shoes

Tips to help you break in those new shoes

Tips to help you break in those new shoes.

We all love the feeling of getting new shoes. They are a great addition to your new outfit and can give you a boost of confidence.

However, no one likes breaking in new shoes. But, sadly, it has to be done. Or your feet will hate you. While your new shoes can give you a lot of complements, they can also give you blisters. So, keep reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland for our tips to help you break in your new shoes.

Have A Night In

Before you take your shoes out on the town, have a nice night in with them instead. Pop them on and walk around your house to get your feet used to them. This will also give you the freedom of sitting down and taking them off when they begin to hurt.

If you do notice begin to appear, there are some things you can do. apply some lotion to any problem areas as hydrated skin rubs less than dry. although a tad unconventional, antiperspirant can be a good way to prevent your skin from rubbing. And it keeps your feet from sweating. On areas where your skin rubs the most, use plasters or surgical tape.

Stretch Your Shoes

If you are still getting blisters after walking around your house, you may need to stretch your shoes a little bit. Although they could be the right size, different shoes have different measurements and some areas could be tighter than others.

To stretch shoes, you can do a few things and using thick socks is one of them. sometimes, the thickness of your socks is enough to stretch your shoes. You can also throw your shoes over a shoe shaper and leave them overnight. And, if you don’t have a shoe shaper, try a potato. Yes, a potato. Just make sure you wash it after taking it out of your shoe.

Heat Them Up

For new leather shoes, try blasting them with some hot air from your hair dryer. Just make sure that your shoes are real leather as this trick can ruin synthetic materials. Hold your hair dryer over troublesome areas for around 20 seconds. Then, walk around and loosen up the material when it’s flexible.

Tips to help you break in those new shoes

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