Fresh ways to style tailored fashion this summer 2021

Fresh ways to style tailored fashion this summer 2021

Fresh ways to style tailored fashion this summer 2021.

Summer usually means weddings, christenings and other important events. So, your wardrobe needs to keep up with your busy schedule. Mandatory dress codes means you have no option but to suit up. But this can make your traditional tailoring feel stuffy and impractical.

To solve this, here at Men’s fashion Ireland, we’ve put together some fresh ways your can style your tailoring for summer 2021.

Mix Up Your Suit

As tailoring has become more laidback in recent years, many designers are giving people more flexibility of buying separate pieces. Combining different jackets and trousers can help add some confidence to an otherwise monochrome look. while considered a fashion faux pas, wearing navy and black can be an understated outfit. Or, if you wish to stand out from the crowd, try wearing a check jacket with some plain trousers.

Rock A Blouson

If there is one dress code to get right, it is smart-casual. This is because knowing where to fall on that spectrum can be tricky. If your two piece feels too formal, but dropping the blazer is too much the opposite way, there is a solution.

Why not meet halfway with a men’s collared jacket. When cut from traditional fabric, such as wool, your blouson will hang much like a suit jacket. This will help to create a smart look but with a relaxed finish.

Try A Tailored Jacket

Everyone needs to own at least one smart, lightweight coat. It sits effortlessly over your tees and straight-leg trousers and is a good alternative to suiting. It’s best to opt for a strong shoulder type in breathable cotton.

Forego The Collar

There is a reason why a plain white tee is a wardrobe essential. It goes with everything, looks good on everyone and can be worn anywhere. One of the best ways to loosen up your stiff tailoring is to lose the neck. So, consider swapping your Oxford shirt for a grandad collar. Not only will this be more comfortable but will provide a fresh look when worn with smart trousers and blazer.

Fresh ways to style tailored fashion this summer 2021

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