Barcelona FC pull out of H&M fashion deal

Barcelona FC pull out of H&M fashion deal

Barcelona FC pull out of H&M fashion deal.

In Irish fashion news, Barcelona have pulled out of a fashion deal with Swedish fashion and clothing house H&M. Ever since the whole issue of China boycotting western brands making political statements against Xinjiang cotton raised it head, the consequences saw a drop off in local sales across China.

This has also had repercussions for companies in the west who have also been forced to join sides of European companies. One company who is feeling the ripple effect of this fall out is one of the latest soccer clubs in the world, Barcelona FC.

There were plans in place for H&M to sponsor Barcelona’s official uniform. However, this has now been scuppered due to H&M’s argument with the Chinese government in banning Xinjiang cotton which saw 500 H&M stores closed across China.

The fashion clothing company which was setup in Sweden in 1947 feels that any Xinjiang cotton should be banned because they believe it’s the product of slave labour. H&M has also been suspicious about the civil rights towards China’s Uighur minority, who are essentially the local cotton pickers.

Barcelona FC who are one of the biggest soccer clubs in the world who have a huge number of fans in China feel that any involvement with H&M could affect the sale of their products across the county..

This has now forced the 121 year old soccer club to temporarily suspended all negotiations for sponsorship. According to some fashion insiders this would have generated over €3 million in euro for a club who has lost millions of euro during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This move by Barcelona comes in the wake of US manager of Houston’s NBA basketball team tweeting sympathetic support for Hong Kong’s protesters in 2019.

The retaliation by the Chinese government that followed saw them banning NBA games in china that went on for nearly 12 months, forcing major revenue loss €340 million euro in revenue for the basketball league in the US.

Chiefs at Barcelona feel the fall out of being associated with H&M at this time could have far reaching financial consequences for the Spanish club over a fall out with Chinese authorities.


Barcelona FC pull out of H&M fashion deal

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