Marc Jacobs Beauty July 2021

Future of Marc Jacobs Beauty still uncertain

Future of Marc Jacobs Beauty still uncertain.

In Irish fashion news, American fashion designer Marc Jacobs is about to give his beauty brand, Marc Jacobs Beauty a total overhaul.

According to on-line fashion industry magazine, Business of Fashion, they have reported that Marc Jacobs Beauty deal LVMH’s Kendo division will rebrand after their licensing agreement expires at the end of 2021.

There is even speculation that Marc Jacob’s Beauty will cease trading given the number of discounts the beauty company has been offering its customers on products in the past few months.

Launched back in September 2013, Marc Jacobs Beauty is seen by many as one of the leading luxury beauty brands in the world today.

Kendo who oversees the running of the Marc Jacobs brand that is owned by LMVH are believed to have taken the decision to wind down the Marc Jacobs end of the business with the view that after 8 years in business that he has had its day.

Mystery still surrounds what exactly is going to happen next to the New York beauty brand as LVMH do not release information plans about any of their individual brands.

Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton AKA LVMH was set up in Paris in 1987. The French Holding multinational corporation and conglomerate specializes in luxury goods and own leading fashion and beauty brands including Louis Vuitton, Dior, Tag Heuer, Fendi, Tiffany & Co and Givenchy

Through all the mist of uncertainty, Marc Jacobs Beauty brands still continue produce and sell his well-known fragrances.

The 58-year-old New Jersey native was hoping to capitalise on the success of his beauty label with wholesale partners, like Sephora, who have his fragrances among their best sellers list and also carry his cosmetic line of products.

There are also people within the cosmetics industry who believe that Marc Jacobs Beauty will rebrand and rejuvenate themselves as the go-to sustainable and eco-friendly cosmetic and beauty brand.


Future of Marc Jacobs Beauty still uncertain.

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