Lady Gaga wearing her dove brooch designed by Schiaparelli that she wore at President Biden’s inauguration

Schiaparelli release Lady Gaga inauguration Brooch

Schiaparelli release Lady Gaga inauguration brooch.

In Irish fashion news, the brooch design created by Schiaparelli that Lady Gaga wore to the President Biden’s inauguration is being set for a relaunch to help charity.

The oversized bird brooch designed by Italian fashion design house Schiaparelli is on its way back and will go on general release with all profits going to help Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation.

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (AKA) Lady Gaga worn this unique fashion piece at the Inauguration of Us President Biden back in January 2021.

The large gilded dove of peace brooch Lady Gaga wore to sing the national anthem at the presidential inauguration will benefit her Born This Way Foundation which Gaga founded in 2010 is a charitable organisation that provides mental health support to young people.

Daniel Roseberry who is creative Director at Schiaparelli commented “Like so many of us, I have been inspired by Lady Gaga and her Born This Way Foundation for years,”

“Her inauguration performance, and the symbolic Dove Brooch, is a milestone in the history of this Maison and in my life. It is with great pride that we are able to contribute to Gaga’s foundation and the remarkable work it has done in the lives of young people everywhere, moving them toward more freedom, kindness and love.”

The 35-year old music icon attended President Biden’s inauguration in a custom, avant-garde look by Schiaparelli. The New York native wore the dove brooch affixed to her fitted navy cashmere jacket that was paired with a voluminous red skirt.

The dove which is just one of Schiaparelli’s most recognised motifs which founder of the fashion house Elsa Schiaparelli used as a symbol in many of her designs after being inspired by the artists of the dada and cubism movements.

According to the Italian fashion house, Elsa Schiaparelli wore a dove brooch pined to her suit as she left to head to America during the Second World War.

The Schiaparelli Dove Brooch comes in three sizes and is available now to but at the Schiaparelli online ecommerce store. All proceeds from the sale of each brooch will benefit Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation.


Schiaparelli release Lady Gaga inauguration brooch

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