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Fashionable reasons why to own a bralette

Fashionable reasons why to own a bralette

At first glance, your bralette may seem intimidating and off-putting. But that should never be the case. If you feel like you cannot wear one, we are here to prove you wrong. Keep reading here at Ladies fashion Ireland to find out what is a bralette and why you should wear one.

What Is A Bralette?

Simply put, you should think of a bralette as a mix between a bra and a crop top. They are also known as soft-cup bras and are an easy-going form of a traditional bra.

Usually made with lacy fabrics, they are typically thin, delicate, wireless and unpadded. This makes them super comfortable to wear. Their popularity has risen in recent years, so you can now find a wide range of styles. There are sporty ones, satiny styles and even leather types.

How Is It Different From Your Traditional Bra?

Traditional bras work by shaping and supporting your breasts. They come in different paddings, coverage, wires and straps depending on what purpose they serve.

On the other hand, bralettes are simply for style and comfort. As mentioned, bralettes are made from lace, mesh or microfiber. They might have pretty straps or embroidered details and can be less structured than your normal bra.

This is due to the fact that most bralettes are just stretchy pieces of lace without much cup definition. While they still cover your breasts, they may show more of them, depending on the style. So, you may want to do a once over in the mirror before leaving the house.

Can You Wear It As A Bra?

Absolutely. In fact, most women have swapped out their traditional bras for bralettes. This is mainly due to them being more comfortable and less restrictive. They make your breast look natural and can be worn with anything.

However, most bralettes do not offer much support. If you have a bigger bust or need extra support, look for bralettes with moulded cups, double-layered cups or mesh-lined ones. This can help give you a little lift and shape.

Can You Wear A Bra Underneath?

Bralettes are meant to be worn without a bra. However, if you feel like you need support, you can definitely wear one underneath. There are endless ways to wear a bralette and there are no rules whatsoever so do what makes you comfortable.

Fashionable reasons why to own a bralette

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