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Ways purple shampoo can make your hair more vibrant

Ways purple shampoo can make your hair more vibrant

There is no feeling like getting back into the hairdressers’ chair and getting a fresh cut and colour. But then anxiety kicks in. How on earth are you meant to maintain this colour until your next appointment.

Unless you are a professional, it can be hard to know how to keep your hair looking vibrant. Enter purple shampoo. The wonder product that could be the key to saving your locks. Keep reading here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland to find out more.

What Is Purple Shampoo?

Simply put, purple shampoo is a tone-intensive shampoo that gives you the ability to tone your hair at home. The violet tones control warmth in your hair and neutralise yellow and orange shades. These can make your hair look more ashy and cool tone than intended. To understand how it works, think about the colour wheel. Purple is used to combat yellow.

What Can It Do For Your Hair?

As mentioned above, purple shampoo works by counteracting yellow, orange, and brassy tones. Those of you with blonde, platinum, silver, pastel, grey or some brunettes will be familiar with purple shampoo. When your roots are coming in and the tone is not right, purple shampoo can make them look less intense and more natural.

But this does not mean that purple shampoo is a miracle product. For everything it can do, it cannot make your hair lighter. So, if the tone is too dark, it will not make things brighter. Sometimes, if your hair is not light enough and you try to tone it with purple shampoo, it can make it look worse and muddy.

Who Should Be Using Purple Shampoo?

We mentioned this before, but those of you with platinum blonde hair, blonde highlights, or anyone with lightener in their hair and wants a bright pop are ideal purple shampoo candidates. If you are looking to maintain your fresh from the hairdresser-look weeks after without orange tones popping up, purple shampoo is your friend.

How To Use It

For the first time, try mixing some into your regular shampoo to see how potent it is. This will help you avoid giving yourself purple hair. And try to alternate your purple shampoo with a moisturising one.

Depending on how brassy your hair is, you don’t need to use it for every wash. And, in order to keep your hair colour looking vibrant, you need to make sure your hair is moisturised and healthy.

Be mindful on how long you leave your purple shampoo in your hair. You need to figure out the perfect time for your hair and porosity. If you feel like your hair is looking too ashy, use your purple shampoo but then, use it every third wash.

How using purple shampoo can give you vibrant hair

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