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Why pastels are set to be the biggest fashion trend of 2021

Why pastels are set to be the biggest fashion trend of 2021.

Pastels have shaken up the fashion world and are set to dominate this year’s trends. But, sometimes, we wonder how exactly do you wear them?

Pastels have a lot to offer but, get things wrong, and you risk looking washed out. Pastels can conjure images of babies in their Sunday best. But, when worn right, they can quickly become a summer staple. To look your best in pastels, keep reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland for our handy tips.

Keep Your Skin Tones In Mind

If you are light skinned, a baby blue paired with strong makeup is a stylish look, especially if you have warm undertones. Those of you with light hair and eyes, cool tone pastels and neutrals are your friend. Lavender can look romantic with your colouring as well as light muted tones.

Those of you with medium skin tones can enjoy a wide range of pastel shades. For summer vibes, yellows and mint greens as well as pinks can suit your skin tone. Grassy green shades will make your features pop and make you stand out from the crowd.

For those of you with dark skin, pastel yellows are the way to go. And pastel purples will give you some warmth while playing with your natural skin tone. Warm undertones should go for a fluorescent pastel like a teal.

Trends To Try

Monochrome: Cool or warm, pastels look great when worn in the same colour from head to toe. An entire outfit in a single colour will always look incredible and make you look slimmer and taller. Many people are wearing this trend in the form of crop tops and skirts. Sometimes, they have shoes to match.

Mixed Pastels: for a bold look, try throwing one or two shades of different pastels on together. Mixing pastels can also be a great way to add some colour into your look.

Pop On Neutrals: Sometimes the best looks are the simplest. Think of a white outfit with a pastel pink coat. The added pastel will add some interest to your outfit and give your ensemble a sweet touch.

Pastel + Denim: Whether it is shorts, skirts or jeans, denim plays a big part of everyone’s wardrobe. Pairing your pastel pink skirt or top with some denim is the perfect way to ease yourself into the pastel trend.

Prints + Texture: Textures are always trending, which means that lace, ruffles and other pieces will always look great with pastels.

Pastels + Leather: The rock element of your leather jacket pairs surprisingly well with the innocence of your pastel clothing. Pastels can add some softness to the edginess of leather.

Tips To Bear In Mind

Do Not Overdo It: When it comes to pastels, let them be the focal point of your outfit. So, be sure to keep your hair and makeup simple.

Do Not Obsess With Details: There is no need to go mad with accessories or ribbons to jazz up your pastels. They are pretty and flirty on their own.

Play Around With Blazers: A simple white top and jeans combo can be spruced up with a playful pastel blazer. It’s the perfect combination of casual and tailoring and works perfectly during the day and night.

Add Just One Accessory: If you are unsure on how to wear pastels, start small. One accessory in a pastel shade is enough to change your entire outfit. You could start with a clutch or, if handbags are too much, start with some sunglasses.

Why pastels are set to be the biggest fashion trend of 2021.

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