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Ways to include men’s grey trousers into any fashion look

Ways to include men’s grey trousers into any fashion look

Many people find a uniform and stick to it. And we can see why. By choosing not to have a completely new outfit every morning, you are free to think of other issues.

Grey trousers are a staple for a reason. They work well with everything in your wardrobe and are easy to base a look around. So if you want to know how to dress for your work week using some grey trousers, keep on reading here at Men’s fashion Ireland to find out.

Lazy Monday

People usually start their working week replying to emails and trying to avoid human contact after a busy weekend. But that doesn’t mean you should dress like you have given up on life. Your smart outfit will hopefully distract your colleagues from your dreary, hungover eyes.

A white grandad shirt is an excellent item to have in your wardrobe. A slim cut will sharpen up your image and feel less restrictive than a full collared one.

On cold days, you can layer your shirt under a jumper. Navy and black are solid colours but something in a moss green can work well. Not to mention, it’s a colour that looks great on everyone and pairs well with your grey trousers.

Down To Business Tuesday

Now you have consumed enough coffee to wash away the sins of the weekend, it’s time to put your best foot forward. Grey trousers with a navy jacket is a powerful combination that never goes out of style. You can finish with a slim fitting crew neck or a white shirt.

Grey On Grey Wednesday

To completely contrast Tuesday’s outfit, sometime getting through the hump day requires a monochrome approach. As your trousers are formal, you can get away with a laid-back top half. When worn as knitwear, a pastel sweatshirt barely looks like gym wear, especially if worn underneath a structured blazer. Classic white trainers will complete this look but can be substituted for boots.

Modern Preppy Thursday

As your working week begins to wind down, you may be tempted to go for some after work drinks with your team. So, what you want is something that is still office-appropriate but will not look out of place at a bar. A simple cardigan could be the way to go. It has all the substance and framing effects of a blazer but none of the restrictive structure.

End Of Working Week Friday

With the weekend in sight, a few drinks after work is obligatory. To choose an appropriate outfit, look for the holy grail that is the chore jacket. A modern alternative to outwear styles, the boxy shape of your jacket will offset to slim cut of your trousers. While navy is a traditional choice, don’t be afraid to play around with off-white or khaki.

Ways to include men’s grey trousers into any fashion look

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