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H&M announce names for their Role Model X H&M campaign

H&M announce names for their Role Model X H&M campaign.

In sustainable fashion news, fashion house H&M have launched their new role models campaign that is designed to highlight children’s efforts to create and develop awareness about equality, sustainability and education within their own community.

The project is curated to also involve communities who can also get involved in these children’s causes that will also provide additional support with a donation to global worldwide children’s charity, UNICEF.

To celebrate their new role model appointments, the Swedish fashion house is also contributing a $100,000 donation aimed at supporting UNICEF’s work. This is to ensure every child recognises their right to be heard.

H&M will also produce a t-shirt collection which has been developed by their in-house fashion design team which draws inspiration from the role models, Role models that have been selected to feature in H&M’s new campaign include

  • Climate activist and surfer Catarina who says, “Kids born in the fire know how to put it out.”
  • Community leader, optimist and provocateur Jewel, who says, “Don’t fight each other, fight together.”
  • Founder of Ryan’s Recycling Business, Ryan, , who says, “The future belongs to those who live in it.”
  • Different ability champion, Henrique, who says, “Teach the grownups to dream bigger.”
  • Engineer and community hero Stephen,  who says, “Kids don’t know what they can’t do.”

As part of H&M’s campaign, they ask the question “Does the world need to rethink its role models and encourage people to share their own role model story as inspiration to others”?

Head of Kids Design at H&M Sofia Löfstedt, commented “The lessons kids are teaching us served as the inspiration behind the t-shirt graphics, but they are also timely reminders of the work we all need to do for a better future.

“It’s been so uplifting and motivating to learn how kids are driving change around the world, in their local communities and beyond. We’re also very happy that the sales of these role models t-shirts will support the important work by UNICEF around the world.”

Executive Director at UNICEF in Sweden Pernilla Baralt, added: “We are very grateful for this donation to support and empower children and young people around the world.”

“Every child has equal rights, every child can be a role model. Children are experts on their own lives, brave and dare to dream. It is time to listen to children and make their voices count.”

Full information about Role Models X H&M campaign can be found at their online website.


H&M announce names for their Role Model X H&M campaign

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