Teenage girl dressed for summer in Ireland 2021

Fashion essentials to enhance your summer look

Fashion essentials to enhance your summer look.

When it comes to summer style, you should never be following one specific set of rules. It is all about versatility and what makes you comfortable.

But there are some essentials that make summer dressing effortless. Keep reading here at Teenage fashion Ireland for our picks of fashion essentials to kick off your summer look.

Summer Sundress

When it comes to your summer wardrobe, a summer sundress should be top of your list. Nothing says sunshine like a cute, flowy dress with some stylish sandals and accessories. If you have a special event coming up, you can swap out your sandals for some heels to feel instantly put together. However, you choose to wear your summer dress, it will become the cornerstone of your summer wardrobe.


Accessories are remarkable in their ability to make or break your outfit. they can completely change your entire look instantly so it’s always best to choose carefully.

Luckily, pearls will always be timeless and look good on everyone. And if you are worried about looking like you raided your grandmother’s jewellery collection, don’t be. In recent years, pearls have undergone a modern makeover, making them perfect for everyone.

For a sleek option, choose earrings that combine pearls with another big trend: gold hoops. They will look timeless and go well with every outfit in your summer wardrobe.

Versatile Sunglasses

Everyone should have sunglasses as part of their summer wardrobe. No matter what you choose to wear this summer, it is important to protect yourself from harmful UV rays so sunglasses should be a key part of your look.

But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. For frames that go with everything, go with a not-so-obvious tone like army green. It suits most skin tones and makes a change from black sunglasses.

Beach Bag

Nothing says summer like a woven bag. This can be made from straw, raffia or other natural fibres. As woven bags have taken the fashion world by storm, there are a wide range of designs and colours available nowadays that will match your own personal style.

Lounge Set

Like a lot of us during lockdown, you may have come to the conclusion that comfortable clothes belong in your wardrobe. For the warmer months, this can mean a light tank top and shorts that you can wear to bed and keep you cool.

Fashion essentials to enhance your summer look

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