Kate Moss appears in Kim Kardashian’s Skims underwear TV ad campaign 2021

Kate Moss fronts Kim Kardashian’s Skims underwear

Kate Moss fronts Kim Kardashian’s Skims underwear.

In Irish fashion news, Supermodel Kate Moss has become the latest beauty to appear as the face of Kim Kardashian’s underwear brand Skims. Earlier this month Fashion.ie reported that businesswoman Kim’s Skim’s brand was appointed to supply underwear for the Team USA.

Kim Kardashian who founded her underwear line back in 2018 is now starting to attract major celebrity names to promote her undergarment brand. Originally, Kim’s shapewear line was intended to be called “Kimono.” However, this was met with controversy, so Kardashian settled for the name “Skims.”

Pulling in legendary fashion model of the 90’s Kate Moss to represent Kim’s Skim brand is seen by many in the fashion industry as a clever move. Originally, Moss started her fashion career by Calvin Klein underwear. With Kate now seen as the face of Skims it is hoped that the brand will be able to draw on Kate’s followers shift them across to the Skims underwear brand.

Kim recalls first meeting Kate back in 2014 via Italian fashion designer and CEO of Burberry, Riccardo Tisci and became friends from there. Kardashian commented “Kate is the fashion icon, defining whole generations of culture and style and I am honoured to feature her as the new face of Skims this summer,”

Jens Grede, who co-founded Skims with Kim commented “Kate represents so much within the fashion world, but her influence transcends the industry,” “She is a cultural force. The definition of cool and yet completely unique. There isn’t anyone like her”

The TV commercial where Moss is promoting Skims was photographed and directed by world renowned Donna Trope. Talking about her new ad campaign with Kim & Jen’s, Kate Moss commented “I’ve been a fan of Skims since Day One,” “What Kim is doing with the brand is so fresh and modern, making underwear women actually want and that fits perfectly. I wear it, my daughter wears it — even my mum wears it.”

It’s going to be a busy few months for Kim Kardashian who is not only looking to introduce Men’s underwear into the Skims family but is also rebranding her own KKW Beauty Brand.

You can check out the new Skims underwear range online at skims ecommerce platform at skims.com.


Kate Moss fronts Kim Kardashian’s Skims underwear.

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