The Benefit Cosmetics x Crocs shoes 2021

The Benefit Cosmetics x Crocs collaboration is here

The Benefit Cosmetics x Crocs collaboration is here.

In Irish fashion news, footwear favourite Crocs have teamed up with Benefit Cosmetics for new shoe designed which takes inspiration from the noughties (90’s)

The US based footwear company have partnered with American beauty brand Benefit Cosmetics which deliver two style Crocs shoes — the Classic Clog along with the Classic Sandal which fuses their footwear brand’s emphasis on comfort and practicality with Benefit’s fun and lighthearted ethos.

Both styles are based on styles of the 1990’s nostalgic look capsulated with the croc gel like shoe finish. Each style is created using Benefit Cosmetic’s own signature pink shade and glitter design finished.

The shoes also come with Crocs’ charms, called Jibbitz, that feature Benefit’s motto (“Laughter is the best cosmetic”), a Benefit mirror compact and pink gems.

In a media statement supporting the launch of their new shoe designs with Benefit, Heidi Cooley who is senior vice president and CMO at Crocs commented “We’re two brands that believe in self-expression and having fun,” “Together, we’re tapping into the excitement and energy of the unexpected while taking our footwear and moulding it into something memorable for our fans.”

Back in 2020, both brands teamed up on social media on a giveaway to fans of each brand. Jennifer Whipple, vice president of in in America for marketing at Benefit Cosmetics commented that Crocs gained over 10,000 Instagram followers from the giveaway.

Jennifer continued “Benefit’s motto since 1976 has been, ‘laughter is the best cosmetic,’” Whipple said. “Just like Benefit, Crocs is a brand that prioritises fun, individuality and self-expression. We both want to make our communities smile with everything we do and this collection is intended to do exactly that.”

It has been a successful few years for Crocs who have teamed up with well-known celebrities like Justin Bieber and Post Malone to promote their footwear.

Only last month, Crocs partnered with luxury fashion brand Balenciaga to create a high-heeled Classic Clog style that debuted at the design house’s spring 2022 runway show. The Benefit x Crocs collaboration goes on sale today 13th July 2021 at Crocs on-line ecommerce shop.


The Benefit Cosmetics x Crocs collaboration is here

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