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How to choose the right man’s suit for your body type

How to choose the right man’s suit for your body type.

When you wear the right suit, you are full of confidence, poise and can demand respect from anyone in the room. But even the finest suits will look rubbish if they don’t fit your correctly.

If you want the right suit for you, you should go to a professional tailor. However, if that is just not possible, keep reading here at Men’s fashion Ireland for our advice on choosing the right suit for your body type.

Be Realistic About Your Body

When it comes to any clothing, you need to be realistic about your body. a person wearing a properly fitted suit will always look better than the person who is trying to squeeze into something not right. And the reverse is also true. Some people feel weird about things being ‘too tight’ and overcompensate with baggy clothes. Which always will have a disastrous impact on how you look.

If You Are Big And Tall

Someone who is big should opt for a suit that has room in the shoulders and chest. This will help to accommodate your frame and make sure your stomach area is not too tight but fitted. If you are on the tall side, make sure you have the right length in the arms. Something too short will enhance your height and not in a good way.

Finding the right fit for a big and tall person is all about paying attention to the details. Try to find a suit cut that is not oversized or too long. Avoid slim or narrow lapels as these will look out of proportion with your size.

If You Are Muscular

Chances are you are broad up top and have defined shoulders with a narrow waist. This can be a tough fit when it comes to getting a suit. Ideally, you will want to look for a suit sold as separates.

This means you can purchase the blazer and trousers separately, so you get the right fit. Depending on your size, you may want to go with a slim cut, just make sure it is not too tight. Lapel wise, a med or wide length lapel will accommodate your frame and narrow waist.

If You Are Slender

Like the other two points, you want to focus on getting the right balance, which is slim but not tight. Many slim people get their suits too big so try and go down a size. Unless you are popping out in the wrong places, going down a size can be the key to getting a well-proportioned fit.

Narrow lapels can work well but you can go for wide ones if you want to give your shoulders a bit of broadness. When it comes to your trousers, keep things tapered as any billowing will accentuate your slim figure.

Do Not Forget Your Trousers

Oftentimes, people get caught up in the blazer and treat trousers like an afterthought. No matter your body shape, getting the right fit in your trousers is crucial to finding the right suit.

Ease Up On Accessories

When you finally find the perfect suit, let it be the focal point of your look. In other words, go easy on the accessories. Keep bowties to your tuxedos and do not go overboard on tie pins and cuff links.

How to choose the right man’s suit for your body type.

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