NewThe Mulberry x Alexa Chung handbag capsule 2021

The Mulberry x Alexa Chung new collection

The Mulberry x Alexa Chung new collection.

In Irish fashion news, Model and fashion design Alexa Chung is teaming up Mulberry for a limited capsule. The 37-year old TV presenter is collaborating with the British luxury brand as part of their 50th Anniversary celebrations as a follow up to the relaunch of their Alexa bag which was relaunched last year.

Commenting on her latest partnership with Mulberry, Alexa said” “I thought it was a great, quite rare opportunity. I never expected to be invited to actually design my own Mulberry bag, which is really a dream come true.”

The new Mulberry x Alexa Chung limited-edition capsule collection includes two styles, a “roomy” shoulder bag called the ‘Big Guy,’ and a compact clutch, the ‘Little Guy,’ both of which have a “go-everywhere, wear-as-you-wish spirit”.

According to Mulberry, the collection itself homes in on Alexa’s own personal style, “masculine formality offset with a vintage romance and a deep appreciation for British design,” along with the effortless, sleek style of 70s style icons, like Charlotte Rampling and Lauren Hutton,

The bags take their cues from vintage satchels and the Elkington briefcase that inspired the original Alexa, with the ‘Big Guy’ and ‘Little Guy’ featuring chain straps and a boxy, streamlined silhouette.

The clever use of different colour palettes ranges from classic, earthy shades such as black, dark chocolate and tan and “peppy, optimistic tones” likes Apple Green and Denim Blue. Materials include glossy crocodile-effect patent leather, velvet and suede.

Alexa added: “Mulberry has always been a brand that’s very close to my heart. The Alexa represents a moment in my life that I’m extraordinarily proud of and feel really lucky to have experienced. It’s nostalgic and sentimental and sweet and joyful.”

“This time, I wanted to create something that straddled what the bag means to me personally, but could become that for someone else’s wardrobe. I wanted to make sure that it would endure, become a future classic. I welcome this extension of a relationship that’s been unfolding over decades. We do all like an origin story and something authentic, and I suppose it doesn’t get more authentic than this. In my mind it’s been quite a romantic journey.”

The latest Mulberry x Alexa Chung limited-edition capsule collection goes on sale today and is available at Mulberry’s online ecommerce website.


The Mulberry x Alexa Chung new collection

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