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Ways to add more colour into your fashion wardrobe

Ways to add more colour into your fashion wardrobe.

A lot of people think that they have to wear the same neutral tones over and over again to make a stylish look. But this can get boring very quickly. Wearing vibrant colours can be daunting, especially if you aren’t used to it.

Here at Ladies fashion Ireland we’ve rounded up the best tips to help you embrace colour and brighten up your wardrobe.

Colours That Look Great On Everyone

There are three colours to look out for – red, teal, and purple. These colours will work, no matter your skin tone. That’s because, in their truest forms, they are equally cool and warm. If you don’t know how to start wearing colour, start with these three.

A strong colour, red makes an impact, no matter what you wear. For a nautical look, team a red lip with a navy outfit. Just a quick word of warning. For a red that looks good on everyone, choose a ‘true’ red. Like the colour of a phone box.

A fiery red will look warm in colour (great if you are warm toned), while a pink red will look cooler (good for cool skin tones).Teal is more versatile than you’d think. For a fun colourful look, pair it with baby blue or coral for a striking contrast.

A true purple will add a wow factor to any look. To make it the focal point of your look, pair it with black or white.

How To Find Your Colours

Lots of people wear the wrong colours for their skin tone because they don’t know their skin tone. In colouring terms, they get confused by phrases like ‘warm and cool tone’. Contrary to popular belief, cool doesn’t mean pale and warm doesn’t automatically mean tan. Cool and warm refer to your skin’s undertone.

This is whether your skin is pink or yellow. The top colour of your skin, or skin tone, changes due to age, environment factors, and sun exposure. However, your undertone will not.

Your hair and eye colour will also determine which colours look great on you. Cool tone people tend to have lighter eyes, like blues, greys, hazel. Warm tone people tend to have green, turquoise or rich chocolate brown eyes. If you have warm hair with red tones, you more than likely have a warm skin tone.

How To Add More Colour To Your Wardrobe

If you want to know more about colour, take a look at the colour wheel. The standard approach is to split the wheel into warm and cool colours. You then incorporate these colours into your outfits. This is why blues and greens work well together as well as orange and yellow.

You can use the colour wheel to keep your outfit tonal. If you wear a lot of blush pinks, throw in a hot pink accessory to accentuate the colours. On the warmer side of things, coral looks great with orange.

Try to keep different colours in your outfit in the same saturation. This means pastels go with pastels. This will make your colour choice look deliberate.

Ways to add more colour into your fashion wardrobe

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