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ASAP Rocky teams up Pacsun fashion brand

ASAP Rocky teams up Pacsun fashion brand.

In Irish fashion news, American Rapper ASAP Rocky has teamed up with US clothing brand Pacsun to become their first ever guest director.

The New York Native from Harlem will include designer collaborations as well as the overseeing of their brand and in-store promotions along with campaigns along with lending support to in-store launches.

During the next 18 months, the 32-year rap star will be responsible in co-creating and promoting a new style of prime streetwear and style for the Los Angeles fashion retailer.

In a media statement released by the American singer/songwriter, ASAP Rocky commented: “This partnership is special to me because it’s a collaboration that combines my roots, A$AP Worldwide, and some of the most respected heritage brands that have roots in both the sportswear and lifestyle worlds. Together with Pacsun, we will be releasing several limited-edition collections that are both nostalgic and forward at the same time,”

Alfred Chang who is CEO at Pacsun commented: “Our community of customers is looking for something unexpected, that elevates their daily experience and lets them express their personal style. Nobody bridges the gap between high fashion and streetwear like A$AP Rocky,”

“We are proud to welcome him to the Pacsun family and energised about making his ideas a reality that can be shared (and worn) by millions and lead a global style conversation.”

Supporting his colleagues commented, Brieane Olson who is president of Pacsun added “It has been an inspiring creative process for our team to work alongside A$AP Rocky for the past 18 months,”

“The design process working with Rocky has really allowed the Pacsun brand, which has always been built on youth culture, to connect design innovation with what is happening from a cultural perspective and translate that into coveted unique product offerings and design collaborations for our consumer.”

Rocky ASAP’s first collaboration with the American fashion retailer (Pacsun) will see his initial involvement being to create The Vans capsule collection.

This will include three different styles of the Old Skool designs of black canvas, white leather, and silver reflective colourways and materials which will include executed flame embroidery.


ASAP Rocky teams up Pacsun fashion brand

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