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Reasons why Croc shoes are on the comeback in 2021

Reasons why Croc shoes are on the comeback in 2021.

Although many people feel like they are not stylish, you cannot deny that Crocs are actually a comfortable shoe. They are perfect for wearing around the house and running errands.

They are easy to slip on, support you while you cook and clean and feel great when out for walks. Basically, they feel like giant foam sponges for your feet. Keep reading here at Ladies fashion Ireland to find out why so many people have fallen back in love with Crocs in 2021.


Listen, you may think that Crocs look absolutely ridiculous. And at one time, we would have agreed with you. But they are more stylish than you would think they are.

Many of your favourite celebrities and influencers are rocking the strawberry Crocs and finding ways to make them look good. As far as wearability goes, a white pair of Crocs are not that far off a white pair of trainers. Now, you may only be wearing them around the house, but generally neutral colours are less offensive. Black Crocs have the same vibe. But if you want to wear bright colours, go for it.


If we somehow have convinced you that Crocs are the new trends and you simply must own a pair, there are some things you need to know. As far as sizing is concerned, they only come in whole sizes. If you are between sizes, we recommend you go up.

Easy To Clean

Many of us know how hard it is to get scuff marks off of our favourite shoes and make them look brand new. But with Crocs, they are non-marking and slip-resistant. This makes them the ideal shoe for those always on their feet for long periods of time. They are also great for activities like swimming or for using when the floors are too slippery.

Another great reason why people are falling in love with Crocs again is that they are bacteria and odour resistant. The anti-microbial feature of Crocs prevents bacteria that cause odour from growing in your shoes.

Reasons why Croc shoes are on the comeback in 2021

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